The number of COVID-19 cases increases, many patients become seriously ill

The number of COVID-19 cases increases, many patients become seriously ill

The COVID-19 prevention and control bulletin (April 13) of the Ministry of Health said that the number of COVID-19 cases today is 497. This is the highest number of cases in about 4 months in our country. During the day, 37 patients recovered, 8 were on oxygen.

The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic has tended to increase from the beginning of April to now, the number of cases in the past 7 days has increased by 3.8 times compared to the previous one, many patients who have become seriously ill need oxygen. The Covid-19 epidemic is still an international public health emergency, prone to outbreaks with many new variants.

At Thanh Nhan Hospital, Doctor Nguyen Thu Huong, Head of the Department of Occupational Diseases and Infectious Diseases, said that every day, the hospital receives from 10 to 15 patients with symptoms of sore throat, cough and fever. . There were about 10 patients requiring inpatient treatment, the number of patients increased, most of them required oxygen, focusing on elderly patients with underlying diseases.

The reason why Covid-19 patients increased again may be because the immunity of the person after vaccination or infection has decreased, the changing weather creates favorable conditions for the virus to develop. Another reason is that people have recently neglected to vaccinate against Covid-19, many people neglect to wear masks, so they are easily infected.

The number of COVID-19 cases increases, many patients become seriously ill
The number of Covid cases mainly increased in the North (photo:

Currently, Vietnam still applies epidemic prevention measures according to WHO’s strategy of 2K (masks, disinfection) and vaccines. However (March 28), WHO has adjusted its strategy, recommending that healthy children and adolescents do not necessarily need a booster dose of Covid vaccine. This may lead to increased cases, so the Ministry of Health needs to accurately assess the risk and coordinate with WHO to have a direction to declare the disease in accordance with the situation. High-risk groups such as the elderly, people with underlying diseases, and immunocompromised people should still be fully vaccinated.

In addition, the actual number of cases may be higher than the announced number of cases because many people have been infected but did not test or test positive without reporting it to medical facilities, so the authorities cannot accurately assess it. current translation situation. The Ministry of Health, experts recommend that we should not be subjective before the epidemic, but need to take appropriate measures to protect ourselves and our families, not to be passive, not to be negligent, to be subjective before the epidemic. Because the epidemic can be unpredictable, there is always the potential for an outbreak.

In the face of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, people need to strictly follow the message 2K (Masks – Disinfection), this is an important measure to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, besides Vaccines + Medicines + Treatments. + People’s awareness and other measures.