Cynara scolymus L extract

Effects of Cynara scolymus L can be mentioned as diuretics, biliary tracts, treatment of liver and kidney diseases, acute and chronic nephritis, swelling of joints…

Cynara scolymus L  contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that have the effect of clearing heat, reducing toxins, protecting the liver, and supporting the treatment of liver damage.

In addition, Cynara scolymus L is often used to stimulate the secretion of liver fluid and help relieve symptoms after intoxication such as heartburn, lightheadedness, etc.

Not only used for liver diseases, the effect of Cynara scolymus L also helps to support the prevention of atherosclerosis and prevent hyperlipidemia or indigestion.

Through clinical studies, Cynara scolymus L helps lower blood sugar, which is a valuable medicine for people with diabetes and overweight.